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    Anyone who registers and creates a personal profile on our website, and then joins us, generally does so out of simple curiosity, to see if our political organization is as beautiful from the inside as it is from the outside. Instead, those who decide not to join us make this decision, due to an understandable, but unjustified, lack of trust.

    Unfortunately, on the Internet, there are many people, applications, and websites that hide scams, viruses, blackmail, crime, and many illegal activities.

    Often, with tragic outcomes, such as online bullying, prostitution, pedophilia, and other unpleasant and antisocial situations. There are also many people who lose money and property. It happens, due to people, or commercial companies, who use the Internet to get easy money, scamming good people.

    The trust that we ask of anyone who joins us is always reciprocated.

    If young or expert people know how to recognize and verify the reliability and security of a website, many older or inexperienced people, not having the basis to recognize lawful activities from illicit ones, struggle to trust.

    Relying on evaluations, from other users, or from what you hear around, isn't always a guarantee. Often, many evaluations are false, tampered with, and tendentious, both in a negative and in a positive sense.

    We are not afraid of any verification, we are sure that we are in order, both with the Laws and with our conscience. It doesn't scare us either, no reviews, especially if they are negative. Positive reviews please us because they show appreciation for our hard work. We can assure you that it has not been easy to create all this.

    Our free and independent working method does not help us to make ourselves loved and appreciated by the giants of the web who, knowing the enormous potential of all our political projects, and not only that, seek, however possible, to slow down, because at this point, stopping is impossible. The snowball, which rolled from the mountain, has become an unstoppable avalanche.

    The giants of the web, and the search engines, do not help us, also because, in our political projects, we intend to take away from them, every advantage, and every privilege, by making them pay the same taxes as a worker, a pensioner, or a small or medium enterprise. And we will make them pay taxes, all of them, exactly, in the same percentages (of the population, and of local businesses), in each country, where the companies, or users, who create income for these web giants reside. We repeat, for clarity: they have to pay taxes, exactly, in the same countries, where they generate profits. No more tax havens, or reductions, because it is not ethical, towards those in difficulty.

    It also doesn't help us that we expect to eliminate all wars from all countries, creating a future of peace, brotherhood, unity in diversity, and mutual respect for all the peoples of the earth. Arms manufacturers and traders don't like to see themselves ruined and their profits eliminated, for the good of humanity.

    We make ourselves hated, even by all crime, because we intend to eliminate all mafias, and all illegal activities, with intelligence, offering legal opportunities, for everyone to get rich. Legality is scarier than illegality. But we won't just limit ourselves to the big mafias or big illegal businesses, we will also end all petty crime and antisocial behavior, even by those who believe, to behave in compliance with the Laws, and transgress them, even with small things. Without any kind of violence, without dictatorship, but with intelligence, and with real and concrete projects. We will make every wrong mentality change and improve, simply by offering alternatives, to improve ourselves, from all points of view. A real revolution, from a civic, ethical and moral point of view.

    Even our fight, against all kinds of dictatorship, single party, oligarchy, party politics, and against the theft of power, and of true democracy, by the old and current politics, automatically creates us many antipathies. Almost all political parties, and almost all their political representatives, of the old and current politics, take all the power to decide (which should in theory, and also in the very name of democracy, belong to the population), and they keep to themselves, without deserving it. From the hands, and from the minds, of the population, for many years, after the elections (and without any possibility, on the part of the population, to express an opinion, or to oppose, the wrong decisions), all the power ends up in the hands, and in the often-twisted minds of political representatives, certainly not elected, but chosen, often only by political parties, on the basis, at times, of financial and economic interests. They justify this theft of real democracy, using the incredible excuse that the population, with the vote (with the electoral results), gives the political parties, and their political representatives, the power to decide. Even if, in representative democracy (and again, the name clearly explains it), with the vote, one gives the power of representation, and certainly not the power to decide, in place of one's electors. They are two completely different concepts, representation and the assignment of a right. The old political parties and their political representatives, who are often servants of the financial and economic system, do not always keep their promises, not always, they do the interests of the whole population, often betraying the trust of those who go to vote. So, they don't deserve all the power they took by deceit.

    Therefore, they do not love us, on the contrary, they hate us, and they fear us, all those, who are part of the old politics, of the old finance (unjust, and controlled by a few), of the old economy, in which often people without any merit, they are very rich, and deserving people are in some cases very poor. Often, there are people, and commercial companies, who exploit workers, and pollute our planet. But there are also rich people, thanks to speculations, or scams, in which they have earned enormous sums, and riches, in an unethical way.

    They don't like us, not even the NGOs, and the various international agencies (UN, European Union, and other related institutions), which we would like to reform, and make transparent, putting into practice the mutual respect of all people. We also want to find out, and make public, what happens to all the money, that even those who don't have enough for themselves and their family donate voluntarily, with the hope of solving the problems of those who are in difficulty. Structural reforms, real, and transparency.

    He doesn't love us, not even information, which we always want to see free and independent, without favoring anyone. They often give the same news, with various nuances, and with many other presumed news, which make each of us find, hear, see, read, exactly what they hope to find, hear, see, and read. The news must be presented, exactly as it happened, leaving each user the freedom to get an idea, without being influenced by comments and allusions, and above all, without brainwashing, which we often witness. With so many nuances, of the same truth, they often create hatred and social tensions, as well as fueling insults and rudeness.

    Nor do the various secret services love us, because many of them do not want that as soon as our political representatives enter the various institutions of all the countries of the world, they make public all the information and truths that citizens have been missing for many years, perhaps millennia. But it is our duty to let people know the truth, even if it is unpleasant. As citizens, we have the right to know everything, to control and verify every institution. Because they are, our institutions, the property of all of us.

    What we will do is not called anarchy, it is called democracy, and freedom, words that the accomplices of the greatest fraud in the history of man should not pronounce, the false democracy, the representative one, which generates the theft of the power of the people, to give it to politics, to political parties, and to their political representatives. For this reason, we have decided to put into practice the only authentic and real democracy, the direct one. With an innovative method, of internal and external work, which makes the political representatives, servants, of the population, which only with DirectDemocracyS, returns to be the mistress and protagonist.

    We will not be sympathetic to almost any religion, because while respecting all of them, in exactly the same way, and allowing our users to believe and pray for anyone, we, all religions, will forever exclude them from all our political, financial and economic. They must serve only their Deities, and certainly not dictate, or influence, the Laws, and the decisions, ours, and those of our users.

    Try doing a simple and useful mental exercise. Think of how many people, institutions, commercial enterprises, financial companies, criminals, and religious and social institutions, DirectDemocracyS, and all our related projects, will annoy, or for which they will create enormous problems, with simple political activity, with our rules, and our method.

    Well, we, we don't wonder if it will happen. But let's ask ourselves, everyone, when it will happen.

    Soon, it just depends, how fast we grow up, and how we do it.

    With all these people, and institutions, who can't stand us, and who will undoubtedly try to stop us by any means, legal, and even in some cases, illegal, there are still those who are amazed, that our first 282 members, who have worked, alone, for over 14 years, and created all our projects, do not put their faces on it, and do not make public their real names and surnames, but only encrypted codes. Not so much to protect themselves (if they were fearful people, they wouldn't have thought of all this), but to protect their own families, who are not to blame.

    Now, we are very many, and united, therefore, stopping is practically impossible, perhaps they will be able to slow us down a bit, and we thank them for that. The time, for them, to try to cancel certain things, certain evidence, certain documents, is for us, a very useful time, to organize ourselves better, and to be able to have all the potential, to create a different and certainly better way. Deleting certain things is not easy, and sooner or later the truth will be discovered.

    To anyone who has any doubts about whether to join us or not, let us ask a simple question: can we, all together, do worse than what they did, the old politics, the old finance, and the old economy? We can give you the correct answer. We will never be able to do worse things than them, if we respect all our rules, based on logic, and common sense.

    If at the beginning, many users didn't register, because they didn't understand our full potential, and we understand them, now, many don't register, above all, because they unjustly believe our project is very complicated, and we don't understand them. If we explain it, in a simple way that everyone can understand, they should have no doubts.

    We presented little of our immense project. We have exposed, above all the problems, and only part, of the multiple solutions, which we have found, over the years of work, all together. We are finding many solutions, even now, all together. And many other solutions, we will find them, always all together, with anyone who joins us, even in the future.

    The articles, visible only to those directly concerned, in various reserved parts of our website, which contain all our innovative methodology, are much longer, and with much more specific information. Even the rules of our various working groups, in addition to general rules, the same for everyone, have specific rules and methods, always different, based on needs, and on collective decisions, voted by the members, directly in the various groups.

    To know everything, and to be able to copy our project, and many are trying, a single person should spend his whole life reading, getting information, understanding, and trying to recreate all our work. Even thousands of people, in our various groups, would hardly find all the necessary information to copy us, because certain rules and definitive methods are reserved for very few trusted people.

    Also, the initial investment to create all of this is very large. In addition to people, ideas, rules, money and the means were also needed to have a secure, spacious, powerful, fast and functional website. We have managed to have all the necessary resources, thanks to many donations, free and voluntary, by many of our users, but also by many anonymous visitors. But we will talk in a detailed article about how much all this costs us.

    In addition to the project, perhaps our greatest wealth is our users, especially the first brave ones, who have joined us. People, who work together, coordinated, in a unitary way, in complete freedom and autonomy. Unitary, in full autonomy, and with total freedom, does it seem impossible to you? Enter, check, and you will convince yourself, until then, you will have to trust our word, and those who are already with us. You can also choose to trust those, fortunately few, that we are forced to exclude from our projects. They won't speak well of us, obviously, but we have all the proofs, and all the reasons, that have forced us to exclude them, and in some cases, to declare them persona non grata. We don't throw anything away, in order to be able to respond completely and promptly to every accusation. But we will write an article, also on security measures, one with the various sanctions, and also one, with a case study, of our excluded users, and of the various problems that have arisen. Learning from the mistakes of others, in order not to repeat the same mistakes, makes even negative things useful. They were almost always users who, having made a mistake, we managed to send away, even if some of them had good potential.

    We have also decided to always respond, even with regular complaints, to the competent authorities, to any attempt to denigrate us, our work, our projects, our activities, and each of our users. Furthermore, we will fully respond to all false news, which will be shared, by any means, requesting moral, and in some cases material, damages. We will use the same method of requesting damages for anyone who tries to copy our projects. We have created, from the outset, a commercial company, of the cooperative type, in which each of our members, from the moment of registration, and as long as they remain with us, owns an individual share in this political and economic enterprise of ours. In this way, anyone who copies, even partially, our projects and ideas, which are registered trademarks, will be liable for unfair competition, as well as copyright infringement. Always the same method will be used against those who try to take advantage of our projects to derive non-regulatory advantages and for unauthorized purposes. Protecting the interests of our members is fundamental for us, in order to be able to guarantee, only to those who are entitled to it, the advantages that inevitably derive from such a universe of projects. We will also discuss this aspect, in a certain sense, controversial in the future, in detail.

    Although it seems, at first glance, very complicated, slow, difficult to implement, everything is, however, very simple, intuitive, fast, safe, and with a minimum effort, on everyone's part, to obtain the best results, for the good of all.

    Therefore, our advice, for everyone, is to inquire, only on our website. You can do it, together with people you trust, who can give you advice, and help in case of need. Especially minors, and they are many, who are joining us, please: inform yourself, always together with your parents, or legal guardians, and obtain from them, the authorization to join us, which will then be verified, carefully, without exception.

    Elderly people should speak with adults or young people, provided they are experts, to get help in the more "complicated" steps, paying close attention to their own safety, and to avoid sharing their data with those who help them.

    With a little activity, and with practice, over time, you will see that it is very simple to work with us, because we have tried to make everything simple, intuitive and immediate.

    Therefore, our advice is to register, if you like our project, and you feel compatible with all our rules. If, on the other hand, you have even a single doubt, read all our information again, and if the doubt remains, contact us directly, and we will gladly answer all the questions that do not find an answer in our articles. We will answer and clarify any doubts that you may have, even after reading everything we publish.

    Don't be angry with us if we don't answer you, or if we only answer you with a link, to the article that explains in detail, the answer to each of your questions. We have given ourselves this rule: we explain as many things as possible, in the various articles, to avoid having to receive too many questions. We prefer to publish all authorized information, visible to all, to prevent any waste of time. Much information is visible only to our verified users, and according to the cases, official members, but they concern internal rules, and specific working methods, for this type of user. This confidential information cannot, in any way, influence your decision to join us, or not to.

    If we do not respond immediately, even to legitimate questions, it is because we respond to visitors, in longer times, than to our registered users. They are small advantages that we offer to our users, and they seem logical and normal to us.

    After all, to decide whether you like or not what we want to do, all together, you just need to read the first article, on the front page, on our official website. The choice is not difficult.

    If you like it, read more, if you are not interested, or you are not 100% sure, you can wait, and join later, and only when you are sure you want to do it.

    Undecided people, or those who are not available to actively work with us, are of no help to us, especially in the initial stages, where everyone has to get busy.

    Many ask us, what types of jobs, and what activities, can be done after registering. A very long, dedicated and detailed article would be needed to reveal all the infinite possibilities that exist. We limit ourselves to the main jobs that anyone who joins us is obliged to do, writing a short list, with some explanations. For anyone, the obligation to be present should not be a burden, or a request that is too difficult to meet. It takes about 20 minutes a day, or at least 2 total hours a week, to change and improve the world. We do so many useless activities, and waste so much important time, that what we ask for is absolutely acceptable by anyone. Obviously, everyone manages their activities and their time with us, as they see fit. You can spend even more time on our website, or in our activities, even outdoors, and do more work, together with us. We limit ourselves to mentioning just a few, which are mandatory for anyone who joins us. The first thing that everyone must do is help and support other users, with support, both as an explanation of certain rules, and with a collaboration, based on our innovative method, called "linked chains", in which each person is connected to other people, based on very detailed rules. Each verified registered user will have to be part of at least one or more groups of specialists (at the beginning we recommend to be part of a maximum of 3 groups at the same time), based on one's education, or, based on your work activity. In groups of experts, one must be specialized, enthusiasts or the simple curious are not admitted, but we will organize courses, to allow anyone who is passionate, to study certain themes, or certain topics, and after the course, and an exam, in case of good results, we will allow him to obtain an online diploma, of specialization, and subsequently, to enter the groups of specialists, of topics, or themes, that most fascinate him. We have all the possibilities for everyone, because it seems right to cultivate one's passions, and perhaps develop new interests.

    Each of our official members must be part of at least one special group, which can be administration, security, legality, and other types of special management groups, of our political organization.

    Each verified registered user must be part of at least one group of political work, based on preferences, and their abilities.

    Automatically, each of our official members is inserted in the geographical groups, based on their residence, in one or more countries, according to the cases, or, in all the geographical groups (based on the various territorial subdivisions), of the country of birth, or, in geographical groups, of all the countries, in which one possesses, the right to vote, and according to the cases, to stand as a candidate. All of our members will be placed in international, continental, national, state, regional, provincial, district, and local geographic working groups. In certain cases, they will also be automatically inserted in the geographical, neighborhood or street block groups. Each of our verified registered users must automatically be part of our numerical groups, based on the personal identity number, randomly assigned by our system to each new user at the time of their registration. In each group, each of our users will find many activities to carry out, some mandatory (such as electing and participating in votes), others voluntary, such as standing for elections, or working, based on one's interests and preferences, in the various work areas, of each group.

    Each activity, on our political website, always takes place, first, voluntarily, free of charge, but over time, subsequently, we can decide to hire, on a permanent basis, or, even with a full-time employment contract, some of our best official members. For retirees, and for students, we have many employment opportunities (on the basis of prizes, in cash, in goods or services), without making you lose your pension, or any scholarships, also on the basis of the laws of the various countries and individual preferences.

    Every individual activity, and every action performed, is carefully monitored, and evaluated, by monitoring and evaluation groups of our users. A ranking will be made, with the most active users, with an evaluation of the individual results, and of the groups, of which everyone belongs, to allow us to promote, and always reward, individual and collective merit. We also analyze very carefully the behavior of each of our users.

    Isn't politics enough for you? Do you also want to earn, or make investments, we have many projects, in every economic and financial sector. Many projects, all innovative, with restricted participation, and on a voluntary basis, and all connected to DirectDemocracyS. Each of our members will be able to propose individual projects, and we will implement them, all together, obviously after having analyzed and evaluated them, together with our experts.

    The obligation to be present, to work with us, and to participate in the votes obviously refers only to political activity.

    If you join us, please don't be ashamed you did.

    Many, especially at the beginning, when we asked them to make our project known to other reliable people, relatives, friends and contacts, did not. Partly out of fear of letting others know about a similar project, hoping to be able to maintain the advantages and facilities reserved for the former that unite us.

    Others don't tell anyone, because by obtaining important roles, they then hope to be able to promote their contacts, creating autonomous groups, to be able to manage and control independently. With this behavior, they show that they have understood nothing of our political project.

    We are all united, and whoever tries to make autonomous groups is not compatible with unity, which is fundamental for us to obtain excellent results. Too bad, many of them had potential, and now they have lost any chance to do a good job with us.

    Others, on the other hand, are almost ashamed, or afraid, of being laughed at for having found and made a profile on our website. We ask you a direct question: what are you ashamed of? What fear do you have? Anyone who judges you, for joining us, in a negative way, certainly doesn't know us. But if he inquires, if he delves into it, he will thank you for having made him aware of a political project with similar potential.

    All the few criticisms, which we have recently received, and which we have received, in the short time, since we started, to make our political organization known to very few people, in a selective way, are all limited to criticizing the logo, or the name, or website, not very spectacular. Superficial, and non-essential criticisms. From people, who judge a book by its cover. In concrete things, such as our political program, or our working method, they find no fault. If by chance they find little things that are unclear, or insignificant details, as soon as we clarify them and explain our reasons, they no longer have any doubts about the enormous value of what we have created.

    They also criticize us, for the direct way we speak, write, and in general, for how we communicate, or for our "innovative" way of characterizing, and criticizing, certain behaviors, and people, whose work we do not share. Do you prefer to be lied to, and teased, with nice words, or do you prefer, instead, to know the truth, with somewhat rough but sincere ways? If you choose the second option, read on. Otherwise, stop here, don't read anything more about us, and don't join us, we could offend your sensitivity.

    They have criticized us for having written some swear words in some of our articles, which according to them do us no honor. If you read carefully again, what we write, we criticize, especially ourselves, and we have never insulted or criticized anyone for having behaved well, but only for having committed serious mistakes.

    Saying things, even unpleasant ones, clearly, and in people's faces, is seen by many as an affront, or as rudeness. We're sorry, but we prefer to remain honest, and make everything clear, so as not to create any doubts in people about our good faith.

    Every sentence, every word, is carefully evaluated, and chosen with great care, never to be trivial.

    You will never be able to say, faced with a rule, or faced with a fait accompli: I didn't know it, or, I didn't expect it.

    If every now and then, we make some small spelling error, due to some translation error, or to some automatic corrector, we apologize, and we will gladly correct any error, if whoever points it out, does it politely, and the content, and its meaning is not distorted by the correction.

    They told us that we are presumptuous, that we believe we are perfect, that we think we have all the solutions ready, but if these people read and knew everything we are doing, concretely, they would understand that we have every reason. We are proud of our work, and we consider it well done, and fortunately, or thanks to us, all our new users also confirm it.

    We have been able to create a new ideology, taking every little positive part, and eliminating all the negative parts, of all the ideologies of the past, and of all the old politics. It wasn't easy, putting everything together, but thanks to the hundreds of people who worked on it, and who still work on it, we are politically perfect.

    What you see, which is publicly visible, to all our visitors, is just the tip of the iceberg, of a political project, full of interesting, and very specific, activities. You cannot see, except from within, the enormous work we have done and are doing. And in the future, the work to be done will increase, but if we grow at this rate, it will be easier to do it, because we will divide it into many small parts by groups of users.

    With us, we work in various groups, of various kinds, and each user, in addition to the minimum, mandatory ones, only does the activities he prefers, and those in which he is most useful. Everything takes place in an orderly, organized, and precise manner.

    Of course, we only publish things that are sure, definitive, proposed, decided, discussed, voted on, and approved, both by those who made them and by our special control groups. Each of our articles, each of our rules, each of our proposals is the result of collective work, of various groups of people.

    We don't like publishing things, and then having to apologize, for having published things that are not clear, imprecise, or worse, false, but if we happen to do so, we apologize in advance, and we guarantee you, that we will be the first, to apologize publicly, and to correct any errors or inaccuracies. We repeat it, when, and if it happens. So far, no one has ever complained, and there have been no inaccuracies.

    Many things that we publish annoy many people and many institutions, but we only publish them if we are certain of their authenticity. In any case, doing every possible check.

    No one has ever been able to accuse us of lying, for the simple reason that we carefully verify, several times, in an impartial, diversified, and continuous way, all our sources.

    We try to publish only facts, of which we are certain, not making senseless assumptions, avoiding publishing only the parts that are useful to our cause. It is not in our style to use legal means, but not ethically correct. We don't like getting undeserved acclaim just by taking advantage of the misfortunes and mistakes of others.

    We always publish every criticism that is made of us, not out of victimhood, but because it seems correct to us, always giving every explanation, to make our motivations understood. By explaining things, even the less pleasant or less convenient ones, we avoid misunderstandings, and we exploit the criticisms, even to correctly inform certain details that have not been clarified in our previous articles.

    Sometimes we are repetitive, but in this way, by repeating some important concepts several times, anyone who joins us knows how to behave, and how to work together with all of us.

    We don't like it, because it's unethical to brainwash people or impose ideas.

    We impose the rules, and the method, which are and will always be respected by everyone.

    No one will ever be excluded, for their own ideas, if presented in the ways, times and places intended to exhibit them.

    We write it often, because we are sure of it, our strength is in unity, in diversity.

    Therefore, ideas or proposals are welcome to improve each of our projects, without ever distorting its purpose, utility, style, method, previous rules, and meaning.

    But we don't like those who come to explain to us that "the sky is blue", or those who come to impose their own method or rules on us, changing our rules, proposals, already decided, discussed, and voted by everyone, in everyone's interest.

    And above all, we pity the people who come to us with phrases like: either do as I say, or I'll leave. In addition to offending himself and his own intelligence, he proves to be childish and unreliable. If we can't count on each of our users, we will all make sure that those who behave like this never have an important role in our inevitable hierarchy and can never do important activities. Certainly not out of malice, or for revenge, but we like being able to count on all the people who join us, the feeling of trust being important and always reciprocated.

    When we obsessively write "we", it is not because of the plural misstates, but because we, we are many people, even as we write this article, and each of our projects, is our property, therefore we have, various people, who come together in everything we do.

    In general, we do not consider politicians who were part of the old politics to be reliable, and we do not allow those who ran for certain roles with other political forces, being part of the old "system", to re-apply, together to us, for the same roles. However, they can apply, or propose themselves, or be proposed, for other roles, of political management, but possibly not of political representation.

    Above all, we don't like, and we don't trust very much, people who often change sides, while acknowledging that changing one's mind can, in some cases, be synonymous with intelligence, but it is also often synonymous with indecision, unreliability, opportunism, and personal interests, which, although legitimate, make us have reservations about those who often change parties, or those who betray, or abandon, political forces during the legislature. We don't like it very much, even those who leave a party to found one in their own image and likeness, especially if done immediately after the vote. This behavior demonstrates lack of respect, and esteem, for their constituents. For us, all our constituents are sacred, as they will almost all be our official members, therefore, they will all be part of our immense family. In general, we hate people who "spit on their plate". Obviously, there are exceptions, and motivated changes, and therefore to generalize, is incorrect. Every fact, every decision, and every person, must be analyzed, in the general and specific context, before drawing hasty or wrong conclusions.

    We conclude this long article, with which we have certainly lost many potential users, with a few sentences, which will make us lose even that small, but important percentage of interested people, who perhaps would have registered now.

    When someone joins us, they enjoy all our trust, esteem, and respect. Every new user starts with the same possibilities, to reach important goals, as those who have been with us for a long time, even if they don't initially have the same roles. It takes a lot of time to overcome the various stages, so patience and hard work, always demonstrating that you know how to behave in a way that is compatible with all our rules.

    If a person makes small mistakes, we know how to be understanding, but if they are repeated often, we know how to make decisions, to punish those who don't respect all our rules.

    If a person makes a serious mistake, practically, he has almost no chance of redeeming himself, except, with a lot of work, and exemplary behavior, for a very long time, having to prove that he is reliable. We are sorry to be rigid, and to continuously check each of our users, but many projects, even beautiful ones, fail, due to lack of rules, and lack of courage, in punishing those who transgress them.

    We prefer to prevent any problems, and we know that being intransigent will discourage many potential users from registering and joining us. But for the good of all, we must be very careful and discourage any potentially dangerous activity.

    The advantages and facilities reserved for the first users, who trust and join us, begin the moment we realize the capabilities, honesty, reliability, and sincerity of each person. At that moment, our evaluation groups, our users, groups, which are all free, independent, and composed of our most reliable members, decide, to "promote", and put, each person, in the right place. But trust, and one's role, must be confirmed, every day, through one's work, with one's own results, and those of the group, and through one's individual behavior, and that of one's groups. If a new user has greater skills, he can be promoted, even in more important roles, or in the same role as users who have been present for longer in our project. In fact, it is not uncommon to find even more people in the same role, or as heads or coordinators of working groups. Creating a healthy, honest, fair and useful competition between the various users and between our groups is a beneficial activity which, through competition, will always allow us to obtain important results. We are talking about competition, for good, not a struggle for power, which only creates damage. The important thing is the common result, and not the fame of the individuals.

    They also told us that we speak in an unprofessional and never too technical way. We know that accusing us of many things, and even condemning us, will soon be a "sport" that many will practice. But making a fool of ourselves, to try to belittle our work, is certainly not intelligent behavior. The fact that we don't use quotations too often (we've already talked about it), and the fact that we write in a simple way that is understandable to everyone, we take it as a compliment. Too often politics, but also finance or the economy, speak to us in a way that is difficult to understand. With 2 sentences, they explain only to a few "insiders", exactly what we explain, to anyone (even to poorly educated people), in 10 simplified and somewhat "diluted" sentences. We are proud of everything we write, and also of the way we write it. How many times, the old politics, makes fun of us, because we believe certain of their statements are right, not fully understanding them. We are innovative, even in this, and not to get the votes and support of less educated people. We do it because we consider it our duty to always make ourselves understood by anyone who reads, listens to us, or looks at us. We don't do the right things, to get consensus, and to win elections. We only and exclusively do the things we truly believe in.

    We receive messages, in which, even people who join us, beg us to summarize the concepts, and in part we are doing so. They beg us on their knees to shorten the articles, and we make an effort to do so. You may have noticed that we have some articles on our website that are very short, albeit detailed. Read sentences, such as: you have to summarize, you have to write, in a few lines, all the essential points. Or: people, they don't have time to waste, they don't like to delve into. But also: I read the first 20 lines, and then fell asleep. Here, well done, you have discovered us, we have a serious defect, we do not have "the gift of synthesis". And with the risk of going on too long, this time too, we'll explain our motivations.

    When we all together decided to go into politics in a unified way, in addition to having to find solutions to all the serious problems of the earth, we had to choose a style of work and presentation of our ideas.

    Having found, in short, the solution to all the problems of the earth, we had to find a way to keep everything together and make the huge mechanism of many small concepts work. Because good ideas can come to everyone, but then, making them work and last over time is more difficult.

    We had to study, for months, or in some cases even for whole years, all the possible problems, and find all the useful solutions, to prevent them, not just to solve them.

    We ended up with tens of thousands of pages of possible problems, and hundreds of thousands of pages of solutions, to prevent and resolve any "unforeseen events".

    We have not made our work public for over 14 years, also for these reasons.

    Problems, unexpected events, prevention, and solutions. In DirectDemocracyS, many words only work if inserted in the same sentence, just think of our ultimate goal: to change and improve the world. The verb to change, without the verb to improve, would not have the same usefulness for the entire world population.

    The fact of often giving superfluous details, or, in some cases, not understandable by everyone, does not exist. We say exactly what we have planned to say, in the times and in the foreseen ways, with the risk of boring or putting someone to sleep. Sleeping, and remarrying, never hurt anyone, except in a few cases, in which it is a pathology. So, if our long articles also have a soporific effect, we're happy about it, if it's good for your health. We will often return to all these concepts, even writing a very long article in the future on how we created all of this. It seems right to us to talk about our origins. How right it seems to us, to explain all our motivations.

    Another thing that bothers practically everyone is a sentence that we often write, the old policy, exactly mirrors the voters who go to vote.

    Nobody can contradict us, when we declare, that all of us (in the sense of us who write, and you who read), voters of the old elections, are the main culprits, of every evil on earth. Do you know why? Because we have allowed all of this, without acting, or rather, without reacting.

    We have all been able to complain about everything, and comment on everything, even the most useless, especially on social networks, to then continue to live, without lifting a finger, or a neuron, to act, to change, and improve, all the things that don't work.

    Complaining, commenting, being against the old political, financial, and economic system, being envious of rich and famous people.

    We have all transformed social networks from the place where we tracked down relatives and friends, with whom we communicated, in the toilet, where we vomited, all our poison, and on which to vent, all our repressed anger, and all our frustrations.

    The interesting thing is that the old political, financial, and economic system are not affected in the least by our "social anger".

    All your activities, for whole hours, to create groups, pages, posts, and comments, more or less interesting, more or less shareable, are useless, do not change, and do not improve the world.

    But by now, we are all "social media addicts", as are the young, and not so young, of video games, as they will soon be, all those who prefer to live, in a simple way, in a virtual world, the meta verse, rather than work hard, and work concretely, to change and improve our real world. They will give you, for free, or for very little money, a virtual world, in which you will all be rich, famous, and powerful. You will have men, and women, to have sex with, you will have villas, luxury cars, golf courses, and many things, which in real life, they will never give you.

    They, normal, powerful people, live in reality, making you live, in the world of dreams.

    We don't have a crystal ball, but we look realistically and intelligently to the future. In this regard, the present is already that future we just talked about. Whether it is right or wrong is not for us to decide. But how we consider it wrong to take drugs or drink alcohol, to find the courage to declare ourselves to the people who interest us, and how we consider it wrong to have sex, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, because it does not remember us well, the day after, every feeling, and serious mistakes can be made, we also find it deeply wrong, live in the virtual world, our real life.

    So, let's not be wrong, and we won't lie, by saying, that we, and all of you, are the only ones to blame for the shitty world we live in. The old, and often putrid system, has only the fault of exploiting all our weaknesses in its favor.

    We, having foreseen all this, decided to act.

    Certainly not, in a head-on collision, because we would have no chance of winning, on the contrary, we would have lost from the start. The old political, financial, and economic system had hundreds of years, if not entire millennia, to make itself unbeatable.

    In just a few years, we have found other solutions.

    Therefore, all those "losers", who often believe they can fight for shareable ideas, have already lost both their time and all their battles.

    We, who are truly intelligent, have found a better way, which is the only one that works. Precisely, to create new paths to travel, all together. Not a direct confrontation, but an alternative, credible, useful to all, with rules, values, ideals, principles, all based on logic, common sense, and mutual respect of all people.

    We don't fight against anyone; we will let all people choose whether useful innovation (therefore ours) or false innovation (theirs) is better.

    We are alternatives, and not enemies, of the old system. And the sure thing is that we grow slowly, but continuously. Thanks to strict rules, respected by all, and infallible methods, we can do nothing wrong. Thanks to hard and long work.

    For these reasons, even if there is an urgency to move quickly to avoid further suffering for the world's population, we proceed calmly, carefully, with attention to every little detail.

    While you, continue to post photos of kittens, or new haircuts, or continue to protest, and make revolutions, and change projects, and fight against the "system", online, directly in their home (social networks, are their home), wasting precious time, for useless things, which don't change anything, we, who instead work, only in our home (which is our website), free, and independent, we all work together, to change, and improve, the real world.

    We don't change, and we improve, only our world, but yours too.

    We are not superheroes, we are simple people who find solutions to problems, exactly what a healthy and innovative political force should do.

    So, thank you all, for your useful, but obvious, advice, your criticism, if constructive, will certainly make us improve, but we will never waste precious time again to answer all these details, which are important to you, but that as soon as we explain our motivations to you, they become irrelevant. We thank you for the effort, but we do nothing, purely by accident.

    We were just conceived, by pure chance, like all of you. But as soon as we opened our eyes, we started working, not just for our own good, but for everyone else's.

    For those who would like a simple, easily understandable project, we reply with these long, clear, and detailed articles.

    The world cannot be changed and improved simply and summarized, but with the care and dissemination of every single detail. If you like it, join us, otherwise, keep crying, complaining, indignant, pissed off, creating virtual projects, and dispensing advice, on social networks, where our presence is purely symbolic, and where, we don't almost no activity.

    We don't have, and won't have, time to waste.

    After the last meeting, with all our national representatives, from all countries of the world, it was decided that we will never share our users, with other political forces, and with other groups, on social networks, or on other sites web. In a nutshell, those who do politics with us do it only with us, and on our website, and not with other political forces, in other groups, and on other websites, or social networks.

    We will never, for any reason, make group agreements, but only individual ones, with our potential users. We will instead be able to delegate some of our official representatives to maintain contacts with other potential users, but always, individually, and never, within other political groups.

    The reasons are obvious, we will discuss them in detail in the future.

    Obviously, you can stay, to have fun, or to communicate, on social networks, and other websites, but you will not have to do political activities, without having been previously authorized, and only for certain activities limited in time. It doesn't seem like a senseless request for anyone who wants to work with us.

    We seem rigid, and very closed, in our project, but all of this is an important aspect, to make everything work, and not become unstable, or not very serious, as much of the old politics is.

    Many consider us not very inclusive, and too selective, but at the right time, every good person on earth will be able to join us.

    Not all together, but the right people, at the right time.

    Thus, 99% of the world's population will be able to join us. Because only a small percentage of bad people will never be compatible with our activities.

    We will talk in other articles about our deep motivations, which oblige us to carefully choose our first users. There are many factors involved in many of our choices, including the protection of our planet, and various motivations, which, as always, will surprise you.

    Those presented in our articles are all our choices, carefully evaluated, and considered very useful, even if many don't like them. For us, however, the collective good is always more important than some potential individual user, lost.

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